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Bird food shelters

Bird food sheltersAnother means of attracting birds about human habitations is to furnish an abundance of food, preferably in food shelters.

If one is unable to make shelters that will protect food in all kinds of weather, the food may be fastened to trunks or branches of trees or scattered in sheltered places on the ground.

A decided advantage in having shelters, aside from that of protecting food, is that they may be placed where the birds can be watched conveniently.

When shelters are used the birds are first baited by placing food, such as suet, seeds, or cracked nuts, in a conspicuous place, and then led by degrees to enter the inclosure.

Designs for two food shelters are exhibited in figures 42 and 46, one of which is supported by a post, the other by a tree. Structural details are shown for both. There is no bottom to either of them.